What is World Travel Dad?

World Travel Dad is a resource for adventurous parents and kids. Thinking of taking a Family Gap Year? I can help you stay motivated. I started this site and our sister site, somewondertravel.com, as a way to plan out our upcoming family gap year.

In the olden days, the travel planning and parenting was the purview of mothers. But moms needed help! Dads are more involved in parenting than ever, and they can now share in the fun of planning trips and fun activities.

According to CNBC, travel makes us much happier. They site a recent study showing that those who plan trips tend to be happier. I think the process of planning out your vacation is really some of the most fun. I’ve been able to bond with my children over the idea of visiting some places that are not like our home.

My site is dedicated to content that helps dads reach this bond with their children through mutual interests and learning.

I created this site for anyone with a curiosity about world family travel. But we come at it from a bit of a different angle.

Let’s face it, dads’ time with the kids can often be a bit of an adventure in and of itself. But with a little planning, it can have truly enriching effects on the family structure.

Burying dad at the beach
Kids burying me at one of our favorite beach towns, Cape May, New Jersey.

This is a project dedicated to travel blogging from location at places in Europe, the US, and hopefully Southeast Asia soon.

I will review products that our family has used recently that help make travel easier and more fun. I want to be a resource if you are even thinking about a family gap year or extended vacation.

If you are heading to any of the places we will review, this resource will give you nuggets of usable information. And if you haven’t made your plans yet, let us persuade you!

Above all else, we will offer fun advice for family travel. Link to our signup page for the upcoming newsletter. I will create a newsletter about my observations of any new places we visit on our trip.