This site is a way for me to share my passion with other dads and families who are looking for strategies to make ordinary living more enjoyable.

Whether it’s a trip to the sledding hill, or a weekend with the kids solo, dad’s can build lasting relationships with their children and relate on terms that make sense to the kid.

I’ve been writing blogs about skiing lately. Check out this post on one of the best ski towns, Telluride.

I also put together a quick guide to teaching your kids to ski. This will save you money, believe me.

My advice: find beaches whenever you can.

This blog is meant for a guides for dads and moms, but the angle is from a dad’s perspective. Dads are more involved in raising their children than ever, and this is an exciting time.

With some advanced planning and discipline, parenting in a dad-style can become really beneficial for your family and more fun for you.

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We feel like traditional travel blogs are usually great on telling stories about trips, but could do a better job offering tips and guides for everyday life. That’s why we started World Travel Dad. We hope you get value from our blogsite.